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Xlear® is the leading manufacturer of xylitol-based products in North America.

We provide simple and cost-effective prevention. We are committed to providing natural, health-enhancing products based on the safety, effectiveness, and science of xylitol. We offer drug-free sinus and dental/oral care as well as a line of natural Xylitol sweeteners.

Senior Leadership Team

Nate Jones

Nathan Jones

Founder, President

Nate Jones founded Xlear, Inc. in 2000 to improve lives by making Xlear Nasal Spray commercially available and spreading the message of proactive health. Prior to this venture, he attended college for a year, spent a year in active duty, and also went on a two-year mission with his church. Afterwards, he made a transition to become a commercial diver and worked in oilfields in Louisiana between 1995 and 2000.

Blaine Yates

Blaine Yates

Co-founder, International Sales

Blaine is one of Xlear’s founders and served as the company’s CEO from 2006 until mid 2014.  From 2014 until January of 2016 he left Xlear’s employment to work on a photography project.  He came back in January of 2016 to head up Xlear’s international department. Prior to serving as the company’s CEO, he served as VP of Sales. Blaine has a BA in International Relations and an MBA.

Shad Slaughter

Shad Slaughter


Shad Slaughter is the VP of Operations at Xlear, Inc.  He also teaches operations management at the University of Utah and Westminster College.  Before Xlear, he spent eight years as the CEO of Utah Truffles.  Shad is a graduate of the University of Utah and earned an MBA at Westminster College.  He is a lover of outdoor adventures and exploring Utah with his young family.

Lois Mizdal

Lois Mizdal

National Sales Director

Lois Mizdal joined Xlear, Inc. as their National Domestic Sales Director in 2015.  Her sales management history spans many years in the natural products and personal care industries working with all channels of retail trade.  Lois resides in New Jersey and when not working likes to go to the beach, spend time outdoors and wants to learn to sail.

Xlear Inc Headquarters

Our History

After reading the extensive research done in Finland about the benefits of xylitol, Dr. Lon Jones developed a xylitol nasal spray to treat his patients with persistent upper-respiratory infections.
He successfully treated his granddaughter’s ear infections, and soon began dispensing the solution to other patients with ear, nose, and throat issues. The results were astounding. In 2000, Nathan Jones, Dr. Jones’ son, founded Xlear Inc. in order to make the nasal spray commercially available.
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Xylitol Sinus Studies

Our Founder

Nathan Jones, the CEO of Xlear, global leader in creating natural, convenient, xylitol-based sinus and oral care products that support a healthy lifestyle.

Nathan was born in Kansas City and he spent his formative years in Idaho, in a small town where his father was the town doctor. Later, in a pursuit to provide needed support for the entire family of 14 kids, Nathan’s parents made the decision to move to Michigan, and then Mexico City. When he was 16 years old, the family made another move, this time to Utah which is also where Nathan graduated from high school.

He attended college for a year, spent a year in active duty, and also went on a two-year mission with his church. Nathan moved back home in 1994 and started attending Utah Valley University. Later, he made a transition to Seattle where he attended school to become a commercial diver – he used skills from this education when he worked as a diver in oilfields in Louisiana between 1995 and 2000. Nathan then returned to Utah and founded Xlear in order to improve lives by spreading the message of Proactive Health.

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