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At Xlear Inc., we pride ourselves on being a science-based company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our consumers through innovative and effective products. We have always stood firmly by the extensive research and data supporting the benefits of xylitol, a key ingredient in many of our products.

Recently, the Cleveland Clinic released a study regarding xylitol that has garnered attention. While we acknowledge the importance of continued research, it is crucial to consider the breadth of scientific evidence available. Our commitment to our customers involves presenting a comprehensive view of the data, ensuring that their decisions are informed by a holistic understanding of science.

In response to the Cleveland Clinic’s study, several esteemed scientific leaders have provided their insights, highlighting the need to consider the study’s context within the larger body of research. These experts emphasize that isolated studies should not overshadow the extensive evidence supporting xylitol’s safety and efficacy.

Xlear Inc. has consistently supported and engaged in scientific research to validate and enhance our product offerings. We are not opposed to additional science; in fact, we welcome further studies and continuous exploration into xylitol and its benefits. We believe that ongoing research is vital to advancing our knowledge and improving our products.

In conclusion, Xlear Inc. remains steadfast in our commitment to providing science-backed products and transparent information. We encourage thoughtful consideration of all available data and stand ready to support and participate in further scientific endeavors.


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Our Xylitol Basics page offers an introduction to the science behind xylitol and highlights several studies considered foundational to its use in healthcare products.

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