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Nasal Spray & Sinus Irrigation

Xlear® Sinus Care

The Xlear® Brand includes both Xylitol Nasal Spray and Sinus Irrigation Products to provide you with a complete sinus health solution. Click below to view all products.
Why Choose Xlear®
The ONLY natural sinus care system that works against bacteria

Xlear Sinus Care products feature the power of xylitol, a natural ingredient that works against bacterial colonies. Pure xylitol is a white, crystalline substance found in many fruits and vegetables. The Xlear solution not only cleanses, but also hydrates dry, irritated tissues.

Hypertonic solution draws moisture in to maximize dryness relief

Battling allergies, colds, and the flu requires cleansing and moisturizing your sinuses. Xlear products use a patented xylitol solution which does both by working against bacteria and pulling moisture into the nasal cavity for a thorough cleanse. With Xlear, you will be able to enjoy the small moments, no matter what the season.

Solutions made from simple, natural ingredients

Xlear aims to make products that are simple and effective, and that work with your body’s natural defenses to keep you healthier. With Xlear, you don’t need to constantly worry about what you are breathing in, so you can enjoy life and focus more on what matters to you.

Kid-friendly relief from allergies, cold and the flu

Xlear offers saline nasal sprays for kids which use the natural ingredient xylitol for effective and natural moisturization of the upper airway. The saline solution is non-addictive and non-irritative, so your child can go to school with a clear head.

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