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Spry®: Improving Oral Health Since Before Day 1

During Pregnancy

Even before a baby is born, the pregnant mother can proactively influence the child’s future oral health. In a process called maternal imprinting, the mother passes on the makeup of her microbiome (the sum of the microbiota in the human body), whether good or bad, to the baby. If the mother has a good oral microbiome, that is if she has a healthy mouth, then her baby will also have a healthy mouth. Case in point, studies show that when a pregnant mother uses xylitol, her child will have decreased dental decay (Soderling, Nakai).


Some parents think that oral care isn’t as important in the early years of a child’s life because the baby teeth will fall out. However, this period in the child’s life is when a healthy oral environment is established, which can lead to a lifetime of healthy or unhealthy teeth and gums. Studies show that using xylitol early on in a child’s life will have long-lasting effects by decreasing cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.


Losing baby teeth and the eruption of the permanent teeth is a crucial time to ensure the microbiome is healthy and solidify healthy habits of brushing and flossing. Permanent teeth should last a lifetime, and they will as long as they are well taken care of from the beginning. To help, brands like Spry Dental Defense have produced gum, mints, and candy sweetened with 100% xylitol. These options are perfect to help maintain the microbiome in an easy and convenient way.

Young Adults

Today, much of our food and drink is full of sugar and carbs and are highly acidic. People are also used to snacking, which doesn’t allow the body to regulate and maintain a healthy pH in the mouth. This leads to a highly acidic oral environment and dental decay. Teens epitomize this dilemma. However, as they start using xylitol products like gum and mints, they can take care of their teeth while on-the-go. Xylitol actively regulates the oral environment to ensure healthy teeth.

Middle Age

Recently researchers have found a startling and important connection between oral health and whole-body health. They identified that poor oral health, specifically inflammation in the gums, is connected to heart disease, diabetes, oral cancer, and even Alzheimer’s. Inflammation in the gums occurs due to a bodily response to high amounts of bacteria in the mouth. Ensuring you have a healthy oral microbiome through daily maintenance and care decreases the chances of these diseases developing due to oral health reasons.


Continuing your oral care efforts is important as you age. However, many seniors have difficulty with dry mouth, which leads to poor oral health, since saliva is the body’s natural cleanser for the mouth. However, xylitol products, especially gums, mints and candies, have moisturizing benefits which help overcome dry mouth, leading to happy teeth and a better life.

Spry® Dental Defense System

Spry® Dental Defense products help you achieve a healthier smile for your whole family. They are Natural, Effective, and Dentist Recommended. Click below to view all products.
The Mouth Is a Gateway

Germs enter and spread through the body from a few places, the most common of which are the nose and mouth. Though we need to pay attention to cleaning our noses (most definitely!), making sure your mouth is clean is especially important for your health, and the health of others. If you don’t attend to your oral hygiene, the bacteria and viruses that enter your mouth can spread to other parts of your body quite easily.

A Gateway for What?

First and foremost, the mouth is a gateway for bacteria, which cause cavities and gum disease. But germs can also infiltrate the body through the mouth and cause greater problems elsewhere. Studies have shown that when people have poor oral hygiene and suffer from gum disease, bacteria can slip into the bloodstream of infected gum tissue. This can lead to plaque buildup in blood vessels and heart disease. Poor oral hygiene has also been linked to diabetes, oral cancer, and even Alzheimer’s.

The mouth can also host viruses, like the SARS-CoV-2 virus. From there it can get into the airway and infect the lungs. Again, oral hygiene is much more than making sure you have a pretty smile. This is about whole-body health and making sure the areas that germs can enter are clean.

How to Properly Clean Your Mouth

The best way to make sure you keep your mouth clean is by incorporating xylitol into your life. Xylitol is a natural ingredient derived from plants and inhibits bacteria and viruses from sticking to teeth and tissue. Without the ability to adhere, the germs are washed out of the body through the body’s natural processes.

Xylitol can be found in many gums and mints, which makes oral care easy and convenient throughout the day. It can also be found in some toothpastes and mouthwashes. A brand called Spry has created a dental defense system with products you can easily incorporate in your daily life for convenient and effective oral care.

Make sure you’re taking care of your whole-body health by keeping your mouth clean and germ-free. That will definitely be something worth smiling about.

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