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Spry Toothpaste 
Oral care with NATURAL ingredients

Spry Dental Defense aims to have the best, natural ingredients so your smile can be truly healthy and your body happy.

Spry Gum 
Oral care anytime, anywhere

Cavities are a 24/7 problem—not just something to think about in the morning and at night. Spry products make it easy and convenient to take care of your teeth at home, in the mountains, or on your bike.

Spry Kid's 
Oral care that combats the modern diet

The modern diet is full of snacking, which often consists of carbs and sugars—that doesn’t end well for teeth. With multiple easy, teeth-cleaning options you can combat the effects of the modern diet.

Spry Mints 
A healthy smile for a healthy lifestyle

A lifestyle that’s active and on-the-go can be hard on teeth and gums. Spry supports your active lifestyle by helping your oral health be top-notch.