Xylitol and Remineralization of Teeth: A Literature Review

K.K. Makinen, one the of pioneers of xylitol research, wanted to see how xylitol and other polyols affect oral health by remineralizing teeth. It is well-known that shallow decay can heal. Dental caries, then, is reversible is it is caught early enough and properly treated. Makinen concludes, “The scientific and clinical information available today indicates that habitual use of xylitol, a sugar alcohol of the pentitol type, can be associated with significant reduction in the incidence of dental caries and with remineralization of both enamel and dentin caries lesions.”

Mäkinen, K. K. (2010). Sugar alcohols, caries incidence, and remineralization of caries lesions: a literature review. International Journal of Dentistry2010, 981072.