High-dose Xylitol in High-risk Caries Subjects

“The hypothesis was that the daily use of a high dose of a xylitol chewing gum for 6 months would reduce the increment of decayed permanent first molar surfaces in high-risk schoolchildren after 2 years…The use of a chewing gum containing a high dose of xylitol for a period of 6 months has been shown to produce a long-term effect on caries development in high caries-risk children.” 

Campus, G., Cagetti, M. G., Sale, S., Petruzzi, M., Solinas, G., Strohmenger, L., & Lingström, P. (2013). Six months of high-dose xylitol in high-risk caries subjects–a 2-year randomised, clinical trial. Clinical Oral Investigations, 17(3), 785–791.