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more than just hand washing alone


Throughout human history, hygiene and sanitation measures served as the key mechanism to end pandemics—much more than pharmaceuticals.

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, the Center of Disease Control advised people with a “respiratory coronavirus infection” to simply rinse the upper airway with saline to reduce the physical viral load, allowing the body time to defend itself. (We would share a link to the CDC webpage where this advice was given, but it was taken down in 2022.)

Like every pandemic before, research supported utilizing hygiene and sanitation during the COVID pandemic. In early 2020 researchers submitted articles to many journals and publications showing the benefits of nasal hygiene to mitigate the symptoms and progression of SARS-CoV-2. (JAMA Study; Vanderbilt Study)

Researchers knew in early 2020 that simply rinsing the airway with saline improved the recovery rate of people who contracted COVID to nearly 100%.

Studies done at the University of Tennessee in early 2020 showed that xylitol, a simple sugar molecule, reduced viral adhesion to an undetectable amount. We have known for decades that xylitol blocks bacterial adhesion and that xylitol nasal sprays increase nitric oxide production in the upper airway. Logically, the combination of xylitol’s effects on germs and the upper airway would greatly improve one’s health.

In fact, in early 2021 studies showed that using xylitol nasal sprays reduced transmission of COVID by over 70%, even with a less potent solution than what is on the market today.

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People trust their physicians and healers to keep them healthy. Those trusted medical professionals should hold that trust as sacred and acknowledge that nasal hygiene practices play a very important role in maintaining a healthy population.

We’ve found that the federal government is against most hygiene measures. But healers, entrusted by the public, should speak about hygiene measures that are supported by science.
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Here is a list of studies for medical and dental professionals to study.

They cover a host of areas around upper respiratory and oral health and provide a buttress for why xylitol and Xlear and Spry products should be recommended and used.

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