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Xlear Inc. centers on proactive health—staying healthy through transformational hygiene.
Xlear xylitol-based products support that goal.



Watch Good Day Utah News Anchor Use Xlear’s Sinus Pressure Rinse on Air!
Good Day Utah

Spry Xylitol Gum Health Tips
Good Day Utah

Clean Your Nose with a Xylitol Nasal Spray
Good Day Utah

Xlear Nasal Spray Against SARS-CoV-2

Xylitol Mints from Spry
Good Day Utah

Xylitol Gum from Xlear Health Tips
Good Day Utah

Xlear Founder Nate Jones Discusses Xylitol Nasal Spray
CNBC’s Squawk Box

Nathan Jones and Dr. Zubin Damania talk Xylitol and Sinus Issues
ZDogg MD

Ross Stripling & Nate Jones on XLEAR

Dr. Ferrer on Nasal Sprays and Xlear to fight COVID

Dr. Ferrer discussing Nasal Sprays and Effectiveness in SARS-CoV-2

Could Xlear Nasal Spray help with Sleep Apnea?
ABC 4 News Utah

Spanish translation of interview with Nate on coronavirus.

Spanish translation of interview with Nate on coronavirus.

Former WHO researcher discusses pandemic.
CBS 58

Podcasts and Radio

Listen to an interview with host Aaron Rand and guest Nathan Jones.

  1. We’ve all heard about washing our hands as much as possible, but if (the virus) enters our body through our nose most of the time, why aren’t we focusing more on this aspect of hygiene to help slow the spread?
  2. With respect to your product, what is the benefit here and has it been proven?
  3. Now when you say (your product) “blocks adhesion” – the virus enters through your nose, then propagates through your body?
  4. How have we not heard more about this (approach)?
  5. If you use this, it’s not going to do any harm to you, is it?
  6. How often would you have to use the product for it to be effective?
  7. This product is available now?

Nathan Jones, founder and CEO of Xlear Inc, a Utah-based hygiene company that manufactures xylitol-based products joins Aaron Rand on iHeartRADIO on The Aaron Rand Show

Listen to an interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Nathan Jones discuss the following:

  1. We heard that your company, Xlear, has been conducting research with The Institute for Antiviral Research at Utah State University about COVID-19. Can you tell us more about the research?
  2. You have started with this research at the beginning of the pandemic. What progress have you made since then?
  3. Although you are an entrepreneur, you come from a medical family and your father is a medical doctor. We learned that he has recently published a book about upper respiratory issues. It’s main premise is that we should wash our noses. Can you elaborate on that?
  4. What trends have you seen in how people approach their health during pandemic?
  5. What do you hope to see happen as we move into Fall?

Nathan Jones, Founder of Xlear Inc, joins eHealth Radio and the Allergy Information and Health News Channels.

Press Releases

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