Heat Up Your Holiday Offer

Feeling the cold this holiday season? Heat things up with this fantastic offer from your friends at Spry!


Talk about turning up the heat on your holidays! We're giving you a full line-up of warm, sweet cinnamon with toothpaste, oral rinse, gum, and even a box of our popular Gems mints! Natural ingredients and dentist-recommended xylitol mean you can get extra cozy with your loved one, knowing you're ready for that special moment, at any moment.

This specially designed package includes a 5 fl oz tube of fluoride-free toothpaste, a 16 fl oz bottle of low-alcohol oral rinse, a 100 count jar of gum, and a 40 count box of Gems mints. Together, Spry Oral Care products keep your smile extra happy for the holidays!

Available for a limited time only!

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