Why should you use a xylitol nasal spray to wash your nose?

You wash your hands, your ears, and the rest of your body, but do you ever wash your nose?  Maybe you blow it when you’re feeling congested, but wash it?  Probably not.  Pretty gross when you think about it, right?

In fact, if you could look inside your nose with a microscope you would be able to see all of the pollutants, allergens, and other infecting agents that become stuck in the mucous that coats and protects the airways.  Xylitol helps the body's natural defenses that trap and get rid of harmful bacteria.  This is because xylitol has low transepithelial permeability, and it is poorly metabolized by several strains of bacteria.  The introduction of xylitol causes these bacteria to lose their ability to stick to the airways.  This allows the body to clear them away easier and recover faster.

So how should you be cleaning your nose?  Using a xylitol nasal spray is the best option.  A xylitol nasal spray, like the one from Xlear, is natural, easy to use, and effective.

Because our xylitol nasal spray contains only purified water, xylitol, saline, and grapefruit seed extract (as a preservative), it’s safe to use every day without the fear of rebound congestion.  You can use the Xlear Nasal Spray to wash your nose every morning or every night, plus it’s the best option to help treat congestion if you’re suffering from allergies or the cold or flu.

Xylitol has many benefits, and can even be used to reduce nasal congestion due to inflammation.

According to RDH, a xylitol nasal spray works in three ways:  First, it decreases the adherence of harmful bacteria to the cells in the nose.  Second, the concentration of xylitol stimulates the body's defensive washing of the nose.  Thirdly, it decreases the concentration of salt in the airway surface fluid. That means three ways to get you feeling better, faster!

Try our Xlear xylitol nasal spray today and start washing your nose the right way.

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