A sinus infection is the swelling of the sinuses caused by any blockage of your drainage channels. Your sinuses are hollow air pockets that are located inside your skull—between the eyes, behind your cheeks, and behind your forehead. If your nose is congested due to a cold, the flu, bacterial infection, allergies, or a deviated septum, your body naturally responds by creating excess mucus. The sinuses are unable to drain on their own, so when congestion occurs, they fill with fluid and become blocked. This creates the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses to grow, and when they do you have a full-blown sinus infection.xlear-300px---600px

Symptoms of a sinus infection include facial pain or pressure around the eyes, headaches, congestion, nasal blockage, thick yellow discharge from the nose, fever, cough, upper teeth aches, and cold like symptoms that worsen or linger.

There are three different degrees of a sinus infection, which vary by duration—acute, subacute, and chronic sinus infections. An acute sinus infection typically lasts up to four weeks and is caused by a cold, fungal infections, bacteria, or allergies. Subacute sinus infections are the result of an acute sinus infection, which has not cleared and may last for four to twelve weeks. Chronic sinus infections linger for at least eight to twelve weeks and may be reoccurring. They are cause by a deviated septum, infections, or nasal polyps, which are growths within the sinuses.

Biofilms can form in the sinuses, which is another reason individuals can suffer from repeat sinus infections. To understand what a biofilm is, think of it as a bacterial city. Antibiotics are almost worthless when it comes to getting rid of biofilms, and so these infections are very difficult to get rid of. The use of a biofilm disruptor such as xylitol can be used to speed the breakup of the biofilm.

Due to the lengthy duration of a sinus infection, natural relief is essential. The majority of over-the-counter nasal decongestant sprays and cold remedies contain potent active ingredients. While these products do their job they shouldn’t be used for more than a few days, and they can be harmful and further irritate your sinuses.

In order to provide you and your family with lasting relief, we’ve formulated a natural line of sinus care products. Each of our products is non-GMO and feature xylitol, a proven natural ingredient known to have excellent upper respiratory health benefits. Safe and effective for the entire family, Xlear sinus care products are the best remedy for the nasty stuffy time of year.

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