Everyone’s wondering, what’s the secret to a million dollar smile? It’s simple, good oral health habits and using toothpaste with xylitol when you brush! The ingredients in your toothpaste are very important. Most toothpaste brands pick their ingredients based on cost effectiveness and the benefits of profit. At Xlear, we formulate our Spry toothpaste with xylitol based solely on the benefits to your health.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener which is derived from fruits, vegetables, and plant fibers. It has been found to be extremely beneficial to over-all health especially when introduced orally. For more than 25 years xylitol has been extensively studied by healthcare professionals worldwide and is continually recommended as an ingredient in oral healthcare products.

Brushing your teeth with Spry toothpaste with xylitol can significantly reduce your risk of dental caries and give your immune system a boost. As an ingredient in toothpaste, xylitol dually cleanses the teeth and gums while gently moisturizing the sensitive oral tissues. Dentists have also found that xylitol has an anti-adherence property, which means that it prevents the micro-organisms which cause dental caries from sticking to the teeth and gums.

A healthy oral care routine is important for people of all ages. We’re proud to feature a selection of toothpaste with xylitol for everyone from infancy to their golden years. Our specially designed dispensing pacifier gently coats the mouth in a swallow safe tooth gel with xylitol. This will give your baby’s developing smile a healthy start. When your little one is ready to start brushing, Spry kid’s xylitol tooth gel will gently and effectively cleanse their mouths. Now available in three delicious flavors, your little one will look forward to brushing! Also available in a variety of flavors, Spry toothpaste with xylitol for adolescents and adults will give your mouth the dental defense necessary for maintaining oral health.

If you want that million dollar smile, try Spry toothpaste with xylitol. It’s the natural and effective way to keep your smile healthy and happy!

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