Tom's Toothpaste was one of the leaders in bringing natural toothpaste to the public's awareness.

chemicals in gumToday we have ample access to natural products such as toothpaste, but that wasn’t always the case. Once the U.S. became industrialized in the 1800’s most tooth powders were manufactured with synthetic ingredients because of the low overhead cost. Unfortunately, back then no one knew the harmful effects these ingredients would have on the human body. Fortunately, in 1970 Tom and Kate Chappell started a natural product revolution when they founded Tom’s of Maine and presented Tom’s toothpaste as America’s first natural toothpaste available for purchase.

Due to the oral tissues being so sensitive, it is essential to choose a toothpaste with only natural ingredients on the label. The ingredients of anything you put in your mouth from food or drinks to chewing gum or toothpaste are easily absorbed by the oral tissues and can quickly enter the bloodstream. This is why Tom’s toothpaste was a game changer for oral care; it was the first toothpaste to be formulated for health not wealth.

As clinical research continues we’re learning just how harmful the synthetic ingredients of toothpaste can be. One of the most controversial ingredients found in synthetic toothpaste is sodium lauryl sulfate, the popular foaming agent. SLS can cause damage to the oral tissues which can lead to the development of canker sores. It can also cause stomach aches and diarrhea if accidentally swallowed. Triclosan is another product that some companies have added to their toothpaste. Even though the FDA has demanded that soap companies remove it from their handsoap, they didn’t demand that they remove it from toothpaste. On your hands or in your mouth, where would you rather have a toxin? Although we may not have known these facts prior to recent discoveries, Tom’s of Maine knew the importance of natural products and was the first to stand against any ingredient that was not from the earth.

The natural philosophy behind Tom’s toothpaste became the model inspiration for health conscious personal care companies. Its introduction to the marketplace proved that it is possible to mass produce a natural toothpaste that effectively cleans while using only natural ingredients. A number of years ago Colgate bought Toms of Maine. Toms has now included xylitol in most of their toothpaste, but they were twenty years behind in being innovative and incorporating new science and knowledge into their products.

At Xlear Inc. we maintain the philosophy of staying as natural as possible with all of our products.   Thanks to the interest and desire of natural toothpastes from consumers, Spry has provided a natural toothpaste for our customers. Spry Toothpaste is natural and contains xylitol, a natural ingredient that helps inhibit the development of cavities and dental caries. Spry is also sorbitol and parabens-free. Spry continues to promote and incorporate any new science as it comes available. In fact, we recently incorporated cranberry extract into our toothpastes for added anti-plaque and tartar control benefit. If we are twenty years behind in implementing some positive change, we aren’t doing our job.

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