Preventing oral health problems can be as easy as making a simple switch in products. Find out what oral health epidemic our children are facing.

What's Happening to Our Kids' Teeth?

Dr. Marielle Pariseau appeared on Good Things Utah and talked about a current nationwide epidemic. She says, "There is a silent epidemic going on right now. If you look at the statistics in 2013 in the United States, we spent 11 billion dollars fixing the consequences of almost totally preventable dental diseases. And of that 11 billion dollars we spent 1.55 billion dollars fixing cavities in the mouth of children less than 6 years of age."

Dr. Pariseau says we are doing things wrong. We need to move away from the drilling, filling, and pulling model and instead implement a preventive model.

How to Switch:

  • Make oral hygiene as accessible as hand hygiene. Dr. Pariseau says she is trying to implement an oral care protocol in schools, helping the kids to brush their teeth after lunch.
  • Use Spry xylitol products. Dr. Pariseau also talks about a study which showed xylitol's efficacy. The study showed that pregnant women who chewed xylitol gum passed the benefits of a healthy oral environment to their unborn child. At 6 years of age the child of the mother who chewed xylitol gum had fewer cavities than the mother who used a prescription mouth wash and the mother who used fluoride treatments.
  • Dental professionals recommend getting five exposures of xylitol throughout each day. This protocol ensures that the xylitol can give the most benefit to the user’s oral health. Just remember Spry for Five.

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