Sugar-Free Cranberry Saucesugar-free-cranberry-sauce

Every holiday season we're bombarded with LOTS of sweets with the same unhealthy results. Aside from affecting our waistlines, over consumption of sugar can have more lasting effects by impacting our overall health.

So this year for Thanksgiving, my family requested that I put together a couple of my favorite dishes. So here's a sugar-free cranberry sauce! I cleaned up the recipe by replacing sugar with XyloSweet, which is Xlear's brand of a natural sweeter called xylitol.

Enjoy your easy and guilt-free cranberry sauce this Thanksgiving!

Sugar-Free Cranberry Sauce

3 Cups (12 oz) cranberries fresh or frozen
1 Cup XyloSweet
1 Cup orange juice

Rinse cranberries thoroughly
In medium sauce pan bring XyloSweet and orange juice to a boil
Add cranberries, return to boiling and stir occasionally until their skins pop
Remove from heat, cool to room temp, and refrigerate until ready to serve

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