Xlear Nasal Spray May Be the Solution to Your Neck and Back Pain

The Woes of Bad Posture

Many circumstances and conditions can promote bad posture, which may cause pain in the body. Thrusting the head forward is one form of bad posture. A person’s ear should line up with the shoulder, the head, and neck should be upright, and the shoulders squared. When someoFoward Head Posture Causes Painne thrusts his head forward, more weight is placed on the neck and back muscles. For every inch forward, ten pounds are added. That means, if a person thrusts the head forward a mere three inches, the 12 lbs. cranium atop the neck becomes 42 lbs. The strain on the muscles creates tension headaches, muscle spasms, and a lot of pain in the neck and shoulders.

How Does Forward Head Posture Develop?

Many reasons contribute to why a person might thrust his head forward. One prominent cause is the body trying to open up the airway to breathe easier. When the airway it paForward Head Posture and the Airwayrtially closed due to malformation (which could come from mouth breathing) or congestion, the body will try to find other ways to have the optimal breathing pathway—many times this results in pushing the head forward. The forward head posture is a natural reaction but an unfortunate one.

Solving the problem

Among exercises and other treatments, the key to solving this problem is to open up the airway, which allows the head can go back to a natural position. To help in the process, many dentists, orthodontists, TMJ doctors, sleep doctors, and chiropractors who treat these problems turn to Xlear Nasal Spray. Xlear opens up the airway in two ways. One, it relieves congestion by thinning mucus and improving ciliary flow. Two, Xlear reduces sinus tissue volume by osmotically pulling out the extra fluid in swollen sinuses.

The Results

Many doctors attest to the almost immediate difference Xlear Nasal Spray has on opening up the airway and thus a person’s body posture. Not only can patients breathe better, they also receive relief from back, neck, and head pain. Breathing better really does help you be better.

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