Erinn Sluka recently discussed sugar substitutes and reviewed sugar’s unhealthy stats on her blog In her post she reported that sugar has 16 calories and 4.2 grams of carbs per teaspoon. She formulated the result of what an average chocolate chip cookie recipe would look like. Based on a recipe that uses ¾ cup of sugar, the batch would have 576 calories and 400 grams of carbs just in sugar.

Still inclined to use sugar? Chances are you don’t want to but are also wary of the sugar substitutes on the market. Xylitol steps in as a natural sweetener that is actually good for you. This is what Sluka uses on a regular basis. In her post she creates a sugar-free recipe of a family favorite, sweet, corn bread. After her family tasted it, there was no turning back; they loved it.

Sluka likes XyloSweet and Lite&Sweet because they are xylitol based sweeteners. Lite&Sweet has a fraction of the calories, a mere 4 calories per teaspoon and a low glycemic index of three, compared to the glycemic index of sugar, which is 85. This creates a whole new perspective for those diabetics looking for a sweet treat. Sluka also remembers the work put into baking and yet the guilt many people have from eating a couple cookies. Now a few baked goodies don’t have to be a problem. Sluka also says how she likes the fact that xylitol is found in fruits and vegetables and is actually produced by the human body in small amounts. It is easy to bake with because it has a 1:1 sweetness ratio to sugar.

To cap it all off, xylitol also has great oral health benefits and is recommended by dentists and other professionals for daily use. You can buy xylitol sweeteners, like XyloSweet and Lite&Sweet right here at You can also find other delicious recipes in our sugar-free, xylitol recipe section!

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