Throughout history we’ve seen some epic kisses. Kisses that everyone swoons over. We’ve reviewed a few of these special moments and noticed something peculiar, a common thread between all of them. This Valentine’s Day we want you to have one of those special moments too, so we’re going to share this breakthrough discovery.

Gone With the Wind – Civil War era

Everyone knows the classic scene where Rhett Butler stunningly refuses to kiss Scarlett. The two go back and forth, teasing each other, trying to maintain the upper hand. And then when the moment presents himself, Scarlett in his arms eyes closed, Rhett says, “No, I don’t think I will kiss you.”

Why would he make the advances and then stop? Something was amiss. As you dissect the situation, you’ll notice as Rhett leans in, his anticipation turns to worry. The problem? Scarlett’s breath. We know at other times she had breath problems and freshened with cologne. Lack of freshness was the cause for utter abandonment.

Later Scarlett challenges whether Rhett is the right man to kiss her. He confirms that he is. Why is he so confident? Because he has the perfect way to ensure fresh breath and a clean mouth. And here begins the thread.

Casablanca – World War II

Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund stare into each other’s eyes inches apart. She says, “Kiss me. Kiss me as if it were the last time.” This is the same point where Rhett Butler had to pull away. But Rick Blaine isn’t turned off, which means Ilsa must’ve done something to prepare for the moment. Casablanca Mints

Moments before, Rick Blaine suggests getting married on the train, and Ilsa looks away, seemingly upset. Though she possibly was worried about the situation with the war, there’s an alternate reason why she turns away at that moment--she discretely places a Spry Mint in her mouth, making sure her breath is fresh for the incoming smooch.


World War II Sailor- End of WWII

The picture of the sailor kissing a nurse upon returning from the war is probably the most iconic kiss in history. People speculate about who the couple is and how the moment occurred. We do know that the two didn’t know each other previously. So why would the woman be so willing to kiss a stranger?

We discovered that the woman was a 21-year-old dental assistant, not a nurse at all. And when the sailor pulled out his Spry Gum and handed it to her, she new his mouth would be clean and his breath fresh. The kiss would be something special.

Make sure you have fresh breath this Valentine's Day so you can have an epic kiss.

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