Breathing freely can often be taken for granted. We become congested when airborne intruders like bacteria, viruses, and allergens irritate the sensitive mucus membranes lining the sinuses and nasal passageways. The body’s natural response is to produce thicker, excess mucus that builds up and prevents airflow.
When congestion due to allergies or illness comes along, the Xlear Sinus Rinse Bottle is an excellent choice for at-home treatment. The Xlear Sinus Rinse is a form of nasal irrigation, meaning it washes out the sinus and nasal passageways by introducing a flow of liquid solution (saline and xylitol) through the nasal cavities.

As the more modern approach to sinus irrigation (the neti pot is the older form), the rinse bottle is easier and more comfortable option. Sinus irrigation with neti pots stems from the Ayurvedic traditions of India and has been used for over two thousand years. Ancient Indian healers believed that clean nasal passageways aided in the path of spiritual enlightenment, cured addiction, stabilized mood disorders, and eradicated other physical ailments.

The Sinus Rinse bottle has a straw that extends to the bottom of the bottle so you can use positive pressure to push liquid from one nostril and out the other, effectively cleansing the sinuses and the nose. Traditionally, the liquid solution used is a saline rinse. However, a strictly saline solution can cause an uncomfortable, burning sensation and can dry out the sinus and nasal passageways with continued use. That can cause further irritation of the sensitive tissues and can even lead to further infection.

Xlear's Sinus Rinse Solution was specifically formulated to provide lasting relief, and protection from illness and infection. We’ve added xylitol because it acts as a cleanser and moisturizer which thoroughly clears the nose and sinuses. Soothing the irritated tissues lining the nose and sinuses, xylitol makes it difficult for foreign irritants to adhere to them.

As with all Xlear products our xylitol sinus rinse solution is naturally sourced and created to give you a healthier and happier way of life.

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