Your patients are going back to school. Soon, they will have free rein on a host of treats and drinks that will destroy their teeth. They need your guidance. Here are a few ideas that can help you instruct them as they go back to school.

1) Give Your Patients More Options

As always, it is important to brush at least two times a day. But chances are your patients are not brushing for the recommended two minutes. Try recommending rinsing their mouth with Spry Mouth Rinse. An extra exposure to xylitol can do wonders for their oral health.

2) Gum, Mints, & Candies throughout the Day

In striving for five exposures of xylitol a day, encourage the use of Spry Chewing Gum, Mints and SparX Candies throughout the day. Schools are riddled with soda and vending machines that give easy access to products that will cause tooth decay. With so many things working against a healthy mouth, a strong defense is needed. Consistent use of xylitol will clean the mouth and provide all-day protection.

3) Xylitol-Sweetened Water

Some schools may not allow gum and mints, especially the ones your younger clients attend. In place of the mints and chewing gum, suggest sipping on water sweetened by xylitol. A small packet of XyloSweet is good for a bottle of water and will give an additional exposure to xylitol in an easy way.

4) For Those Involved in Athletics

Most athletes drink a lot of sports drinks to gain extra electrolytes and keep hydrated. Though these drinks may serve a purpose, constantly sipping them will wreak havoc on teeth. Recommend drinking water during practice or games unless the activity is rigorous, in which case sports drinks should be used. Also remember to remind them to protect their chompers with a good mouth guard, especially if they play a contact sport.

Click here to download a "Back to School" flyer to give your patients.

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