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Nasal Spray & Sinus Irrigation Products

XLEAR® Nasal Spray Products

XLEAR® Sinus Irrigation Products

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Xylitol Research

Spry Dental Defense

5 Reasons Spry Toothpaste is a Dental Hygienist’s Best Friend

The oral care market is chock-full of products all trying to get your attention and…
Keep Healthy this Halloween with Xlear and Spry
Spry Dental Defense

Halloween Is Fast Approaching. Are You Ready?

Halloween is fast approaching. Are you ready for the ghouls and goblins? I’m not talking…
parent and child enjoying cookies in kitchen
XyloSweet Natural Sweeteners

XyloSweet vs. Sugar

Xylitol works just as well as normal table sugar as a sweetener. It looks like…
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