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Xlear Sinus Care

Xlear Nasal Spray Allowed Me to Breathe

I woke up toward the end of last week with the start of a sore throat. I was feeling congested and I knew this was due to my sinuses.  Unfortunately, I knew it was going to get worse before it got better, unless I took control.  

For two days I woke up feeling congested. I had a last minute trip out of state that weekend, and didn’t want to be stuck traveling while struggling to breathe. I had been taking over the counter cold medicine and cough drops, but wasn’t feeling any better.  Instead, I was feeling worse.  They clearly weren’t doing what I needed them to.  


Since the problem seemed to be only in my nasal cavity, I decided to go a different route. I had heard of Xlear Nasal Spray and had heard great things about it. The day before my trip I checked for retailers near me with their store locator.  I then headed straight to Dixie Nutrition in St. George, where I knew Xlear was carried. I bought the little bottle and immediately went home and used it in a desperate attempt to clear everything out before my trip the next morning.

Usually, a nasal spray is the last thing that I ever try because I find them uncomfortable, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Xlear Nasal Spray was so easy to use, and even though I typically dislike using nasal sprays, it wasn’t uncomfortable in the slightest. In fact, I could immediately feel it working. I used the spray later again that day, and the next morning. Because it’s a saline and xylitol rinse, I could use it whenever I felt the need; and I didn’t have to worry about it containing any chemicals or addictive substances.

The next morning I woke up, drove to the airport and got on my flight, never thinking twice about my sinuses.

I had been feeling discomfort due to some kind of airborne contaminant and Xlear Nasal Spray helped wash it away and clear my nasal airway, allowing me to enjoy my trip.

I flew home late that same night and when I got up the next morning I didn’t have a sore throat or any trace of congestion. I still used Xlear nasal spray just to make sure anything I had inhaled on my quick trip wasn’t setting up shop in my airways. Thanks to Xlear, I was able to make it into work bright and early and feeling great on Monday morning.

-Nicole W.