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Why You Should Chew Aspartame Free Gum

Bad breath and the icky feeling in your mouth after a meal are unavoidable. When brushing isn’t an option, dentists recommend chewing a piece of aspartame-free, sugar-free gum for fresher breath and a healthier mouth.

Chewing gum recipes have been ever changing. After sugary gum was discovered to be more harmful than helpful, big name manufacturers began using aspartame for a low production cost of sugar free gum. Aspartame is nearly 200 times as sweet as sugar. A very small amount is needed as a sweetener, making it the number one choice of sweetening additives. Unfortunately as time passed, healthcare professionals began to notice a dangerous correlation between aspartame and many illnesses. Presently, aspartame accounts for 75 percent of reports to the FDA citing adverse reactions to an additive. There are almost 100 different symptoms associated with aspartame and it is also known to trigger or worsen many illnesses.

Doctors and dentists agree that chewing aspartame-free gum is an essential part of a healthy oral care routine. The act of chewing gum itself promotes increased salivation which helps to wash away left over food particles. Spry Dental Defense aspartame-free gum is the premier natural choice of chewing gums. It promotes over-all health and wellness while inhibiting tooth decay and the formation of cavities.

We add xylitol as a sweetener in our aspartame-free gum. Not only does xylitol have a great flavor, but it’s good for you too! It gently cleanses the teeth and gums while hydrating the sensitive oral tissues. The xylitol in our aspartame-free gum inhibits the plaque-causing bacteria from multiplying into colonies called biofilms. Biofilms promote illnesses while causing plaque, cavities, and tooth decay.

For fresher breath, a healthier mouth, and a happier smile, chew Spry Dental Defense aspartame-free gum. It’s the natural way to maintain oral health any time of day!