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Spry Dental Defense

Using Xylitol Effectively Part 1

Dental health is extremely important and dental disease is more and more often associated with systemic disease. Healthy mouth-healthy body.  Here’s where using xylitol can help.

Using xylitol reduces bacterial adhesion in the mouth (oral care products) and nose (nasal spray) because xylitol enhances natural defenses.

Studies show a correlation between poor dental health and cardiovascular disease. Many systemic health problems can be averted with good dental health.

Xylitol Features:

  • Sweet, cooling no aftertaste
  • Naturally-occurring in human metabolism
  • Low calorie (40% less than sugar)
  • Low glycemic (about 10% of glucose)
  • Low insulin usage to metabolize
  • Energy source
  • Enhances calcium absorption
  • Helps prevent tooth decay
  • Helps prevent ear and upper respiratory infections
  • Slows stomach emptying – increases satiety (feeling of fullness)

Benefits of xylitol for patients:
It’s effective, it’s convenient, and it’s enjoyable to patients. The result is improved cooperation and excellent oral hygiene of dental patients. It’s easy prevention for your teeth; you can take gum and mints made with xylitol with you just about anywhere you go.

Tooth Decay Process:
A susceptible tooth is attacked and demineralized by acid made by germs from the fermentation of sugars.

When a tooth first comes in, if instead of erupting into an environment populated by acid germs, a patient had been using xylitol at the time the tooth had been coming in, it would come into a clean, non-acid environment. The tooth would also receive calcium and minerals, as xylitol is a carrier for calcium. It would be a much healthier and less susceptible tooth from the beginning.

Using xylitol can suppress the acid and suppress the germs. In fact, sometimes smaller cavities can heal and re-mineralize with xylitol use, and decaying areas can re-harden.

Compared to glucose, which has a glycemic index of 100, xylitol has a glycemic index of only 7, and does not spike blood sugar. After a half hour of a blood sugar spike (with glucose) the blood sugar begins to drop very rapidly, which is then when we feel tired and irritable, and we want to reach for more sugar in order to raise our blood sugar again.  Using xylitol sweeteners instead, such as XyloSweet, will help keep your blood sugar levels from spiking and dropping.

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