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The moonlight casts a gentle glow through windowpane.

On Hallows’ Eve lil children kneel to hallow treats obtained.

But little do they know, they’ve fallen into Monster’s grasp.

He’s got them now. Nowhere to run. No way to last.

The feint has just begun.

‘Tis morning now. All ghosts and ghouls are in the past?

The snare is strung. The children young, will feel the urge steadfast.

They hear the subtle whisper of the tempter’s voice unheard.

The stash of treats, so innocent, should be afeared.

For, ever are they nigh.

Escape to school but lo behold, it is not so.

In lunchbox and in backpack—the tasties always follow.

“A single bite is not so bad.” But one more always comes.

And soon they find the candy wrappers in big sums.

Can Monster be undone?

To stash return. The Candy Monster strikes again.

The gummy worms and nougat-centered sweets, their biggest bane.

But Candy Monster does not know the secret they’ve in store.

A bane to match their bane—thing to settle the score.

A pack of gum called Spry.