As 2015 comes to a close, our hearts fill with gratitude for the support and loyalty people continually give us. Thank you. This year has been great. Both Spry and Xlear brands developed and expanded their product lines, while brand awareness and identity grew. Much of this growth has come due to the many people who believe in what we’re doing and stand with us in the goal of providing easy and effective ways to improve overall wellness.

At the beginning of this year we began circulating the Xlear Newsletter. It has gone through some changes but we have always enjoyed the support from our faithful readers. We thank you for the feedback you give us—especially in the participation of our monthly survey question. We will continually evolve the newsletter to bring you the most interesting and informative content in a pleasing and easy-to-read format.

This year we have seen growth in brand awareness as more and more people are turning to Xlear and Spry products and experiencing the benefits of xylitol. Thank You for that. In a recent Spins Report done over 52 weeks, Spry products overwhelmingly led the breath-fresheners, gums, and mints category in natural products in the supermarkets channel. The Xlear Nasal Spray was also named America’s best-selling natural nasal spray.

We thank the many people who use our products and share them with their friends. A person’s health is so important to his or her quality of life. We aim to always provide quality, preventive care to people so they can be happy and healthy. We commit to continually doing our best to provide the best xylitol-based products and helping our valued customers have improved oral and upper respiratory health.

Here’s to a new year and our continued efforts together in helping people feel good and be happy.

Thank You!!

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