Valentine's Day

Your kissability is a combination of many factors from chapped lips to bad breath and to avoiding eye contact, kissability can get complicated fast. Luckily, you have Spry to minimize the bad stuff and be extra kissable this February 14th.

1. Fresh breath.
Remember to brush twice daily, floss and be sure to use a tongue scraper! Don't forget your tongue because bad breath and tooth decay is the result of bacterial secretions, and let's just say your mouth is kind of like a cesspool. Preferably use dental products with xylitol because it goes right to work against those kiss ruining bacteria. Throughout the day, use breath Spry Mints and/or gum sweetened only with 100% xylitol to keep those smell causing bugs to a minimum. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in plants that has amazing health benefits like keeping a neutral pH level in the mouth. It also prevents problem-causing germs from sticking to the teeth. This is how it protects the teeth from dental issues and helps to give you irresistible fresh breath.
If you use mouthwash, use one that is clear and has a low alcohol content--colored formulas tend to stain teeth over time, and high amounts of alcohol deteriorates gum tissue. Spry makes a great mouthwash with 100% natural xylitol as well.

Spry Dental

2. Soft Lips.
Make sure you lips are well moisturized. You should apply lip balm frequently (carry one in your pocket or purse). This will help keep your lips soft. The best choices are naturally based options your local health food store will carry. Do NOT lick your lips like in the movies, your saliva actually dries out your lips, causing them to crack, split, or become chapped and no one wants to kiss sand paper lips.

3. Be Confident.
Being comfortable you appear more relaxed and therefore more kissable. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes. Remember to smile because when youre tense, your entire body responds including your tongue and lips. So relax theyre probably JUST as nervous as you are in either a first kiss or the first kiss of a new relationship. Congratulations, youll now be a Valentines Day kiss expert, now go get ˜em tiger!

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