Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Dr. Devin McClean, a chiropractic physician, believes in this philosophy. Recently, Good Things Utah featured Dr. McClean on its program. Dr. McClean centers much of his work on preventative health care for his patients so that when problems arise, the body can heal itself naturally.

With allergens being a problem throughout much of the year he emphasizes how important it is to keep hydrated. Whether you’re worried about spring allergies, summer allergies, fall allergies, or winter allergies, when the body is hydrated, it’s natural systems are able to function properly.

In regards to allergies, the body’s defenses, mucus and cilia, can trap and move these pollutants out of the body. But the mucus needs to be hydrated so that the cilia, microscopic hairs, can move it out. Without this hydration, the system breaks down.

In order to strengthen and help this system, Dr. McClean also suggests using a saline nasal spray, especially one with xylitol like Xlear. The xylitol in the spray helps to hydrate the nasal and sinus passages for a longer period of time helping to fight against allergies. This, of course, allows natural processes to move the bacteria and allergens out of the body, leading to a healthier body.

Dr. McClean also loves Xlear because it is natural. Many nasal sprays are addictive because of the drugs they use. However, Xlear is a simple and natural saline nasal spray and has no side effects. Dr. McClean suggests using the saline nasal spray all the time—it gives good prevention to a variety of upper respiratory problems.

Spring and fall, however, are the times when a person should be most diligent in using Xlear. It will help everything stay moisturized and hydrated and help the allergens move out of the body. Because of the prevention Xlear provides, Dr. McClean advocates its use at his practice located in Provo, Utah.

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