We Are Making a Positive Impact & It Is so Rewarding!

We have fallen into the AMAZING world of xylitol! It has become our passion.

For the first time in our careers as Gentle Hy-geniuses, (as one of our dental hygienist’s daughter lovingly refers to us), we are actually helping our patients improve their dental health as well as their overall health. We are accomplishing that “miracle” by having them incorporate xylitol products into their daily routine, recommending that they “Strive for Five” exposures a day using xylitol toothpaste, mouth rinse, dry mouth spray, mints, and gum.

Welcome to our world. This story is our journey.

I was introduced to xylitol 10 or more years ago while searching for an alternative to the popular artificial sweeteners. I learned of xylitol only as a sweetener, unaware of the dental benefits. Even after reading “Helps prevent dental cavities and more” on the front cover of a book titled The Sweet Miracle of Xylitol, I did not take the claims seriously. I read those words and brushed them off. As a dental hygienist, I had not heard of this substance. It was not something I had been taught while in school or at continuing education courses.

Fast forward to January of 2010 when we were attending our annual winter dental seminar. One of our continuing education classes addressed dry mouth. We were very interested since we had reached a dead end on how to help our patients with dry mouth and the side effects they were experiencing. The speaker suggested xylitol mints and gum and another product called Xylimelts. That was great news, but these products were not easily found and we still were not grasping the dental benefits of xylitol.

Then late summer of 2011 rolled around. A patient asked about xylitol during a hygiene appointment. The hygienist stated proudly that we recommend xylitol mints, gum, and Xylimelts to our patients with dry mouth.

Then this patient began to tell the hygienist about the book he had just read, Kiss your Dentist Goodbye, by Ellie Phillips, D.D.S. She excitedly shared the conversation with me. We began searching for ALL the information we could find, and then the light bulb started coming on and pieces of the puzzle began to come together! We could not get enough information! We learned about the environment of the mouth and how it becomes acidic; how xylitol neutralizes that
environment and changes it to one the bad bacteria do not like, thus helping prevent decay, bad breath and bleeding gum tissue that can lead to periodontal disease—all of which are dental issues we are commissioned to help our patients prevent.  WOW!

We were ALL over this concept!  EVERY patient was going to be educated on xylitol, which often resulted in appointments running 15, 20, sometimes 30 minutes late. We were excited not only to share the information about the benefits of the dental products but also about those of the Xlear saline nasal spray, which are explained in the book No More Allergies, Asthma, or Sinus Infections, by Dr. Lon Jones. We have so many patients who suffer with seasonal allergies that it has been wonderful to help them deal with those issues as well.

Our dentist, Dr. Jerry Ellis, and our dental team have been very supportive. They helped us through the initial period of educating the multitudes. Our dental team is on board with this journey helping us continually grow our passion and allowing us “to stay on the cutting edge,” as Dr. Ellis would say.

We did, however, run into a road block. Our town does not have a health food store, so xylitol products were not easily accessible. In fact we were buying xylitol crystals in 55 lb. bags and measuring it into ½ lb. baggies to supply our patients, encouraging them to make their own mouth rinse. “Little baggies filled with white crystals” being sold at our office became quite the talk around town.

In January 2012, we were again at the annual dental seminar. As I walked through the exhibit hall, I came to the booth for Xlear, Inc. I could not get my hands on all the information fast enough. The timing was perfect!

We contacted Kris Potts, our area xylitol educator who came to our office and taught us about the Spry products and where they were sold, but we soon learned that patients were having trouble finding the products in stock at area stores. So in January of 2014, we opened our own xylitol store within our dental office. We were hesitant at first, but it has been great for us and especially for our patients. It is so nice to have the products that we recommend readily available for purchase.

It is so rewarding!

Our patients are excited because we are excited! We see the significant improvement in their dental health when they follow our daily hygiene protocol. And they see and feel the difference in their mouth and become believers. They will even make special trips to the office to buy Spry products. It is the first time in our careers that we actually feel as if we are making a positive impact on our patients’ dental and overall health.

We recently added another hygienist to our staff. She knew our office was the right place for her when she saw our Spry products on display. It thrilled her that we not only promote the Spry products but are able to supply patients with what they need.

Xylitol products have made a positive impact on our patients, with our staff, and for our careers. We are proud to partner with Xlear, Inc. and to share their products.

Submitted by Guylyn Peel, RDH

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