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Spry Spotlight – Randy A. Parham D.D.S.

Spry Spotlight: Randy A. Parham D.D.S.

As told by: Dawn Horvath, RDA


Spry Spotlight:

How did you hear about xylitol?

“In the spring of 2012, we had the pleasure of meeting Kris Potts, the South Central US Xylitol Educator, who came to our office and provided an educational session on xylitol. What we learned, we were able to put into practice almost immediately!”

How did you implement xylitol into your practice?

“We had a list of patients in the practice that we immediately thought of during the presentation who suffer with dry mouth from multiple medications or were diabetic. We used the samples Kris had provided for them to try; they came back wanting more. The immediate success stories are the ones that affected our team. Dr. Parham was having an allergic reaction to the powder in his gloves causing irritated skin. Kris had suggested using the mouth rinse with a cotton ball on the area. The reaction was gone within 24 hours! The Doctor’s wife was using OTC allergy medications daily. After using the nasal spray and having such amazing results, she is now off all medications! We use the product daily; [we] recommend it at work and to our family and friends. We can’t work or live without xylitol now.”

Did you encounter any roadblocks implementing xylitol?

“Really there were none. It is about understanding the needs of your patients more than the “selling” of a product. If there were any skeptics, we would give them the product to try; they always came back wanting more. The cost to the office was less than the cost of patient goodie bags we provide for our recare patients. Implementing xylitol is also in how we educate the patient. We give them the information; let them know it is natural, with no sodium laurel sulfate, artificial flavorings or colorings. It is a lot like taking a supplement to improve their dental health and overall health as well.”

Were your patients receptive to this approach?

“Very much so. They have been very positive and are now recommending it to their family and friends that also have issues with sugar, decay, or dry mouth. At a dental convention in 2014 there was a Kodak VP suffering from allergies; he had to speak to people all day long. He needed some relief. We walked over to the Spry booth for some samples. He now thanks us every time we see him. Recently a dental rep came by who was unfamiliar with Spry. After chatting for a bit about the benefits of xylitol, she was impressed with the product and what it can do for the patient.

As an office, your (Spry Dental Defense) products have made super heroes out of us in the eyes of our patients. It is like a chain reaction among the people who have tried it. Thank you for the opportunity to tell our story.”