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Spry Dental Defense

Spry Dental Defense Presents Chatterbrutey

’Twasn’t brillant, and the slimy ivories

Did tawny and ebb in oral cave:

All whiffy was the breath unsavories,

With mouth-wraiths a rave.

“Beware the Chatterbrute, m’Leprechaun!

The beast that eats, with acid burns!

Beware the Sweetooth bug, and shun

The scrumptious Fizzybrews!”

He found a vivid ‘bow in glen;

Long time the ‘lusive trove he sought—

So vested he in boots and green

And ran to snag the lot.

And, as with mouth of cotton he went,

The Chatterbrute, appetite untame,

Came assailing through the foully dent,

And putrifying as it came!

Left, right! Left, right! And through and through

By vivid ‘bow he found Gems of Spry!

He plopped some in, and with a grin

To the beasts said goodbye.

“And hast thou rid the Chatterbrute?

A clean mouth hast, m’Leprechaun?!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

He chortled with jubilation.

’Twas brillant, and the shiny ivories

Did gleam and glint in oral cave:

All freshy was the breath now savories,

With Gems his mouth he did save.

Chatterbrutey is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky.