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Side Effects of Medicated Nasal Sprays

Over-the-counter, medicated nasal sprays are popular products for those that are suffering from allergies or congestion due to the cold and flu.  With such a common treatment to congestion, what are the side effects of nasal sprays?

That’s a bit of a loaded question.  It depends on the ingredients in the nasal spray.  For instance, the side effects of corticosteroid nasal sprays include dryness, burning, stinging, headaches, nosebleeds, sneezing, and throat irritation.  It seems like a lot of these side effects could be worse than the actual problem the nasal spray is meant to treat.

Not only can side effects of nasal sprays be worse than the symptoms they are meant to treat, but they can actually worsen the condition itself.  Many over-the-counter nasal sprays can cause what is called “rebound congestion.”  Rebound congestion happens when a nasal spray is overused.  Many nasal sprays contain ingredients that constrict the blood vessels in the nasal passages.  After a few days of regular use, the blood vessels don’t respond the same way.  This causes a reliance on the nasal spray and increased use of the product.  

Rebound congestion can actually ruin your nasal passages and require surgery to fix the problem.  

Rather than deal with the potential side effects of nasal sprays, there’s an option that will provide relief without causing any rebound effect.  Xlear Nasal Spray is made of purified water, xylitol, saline, and grapefruit seed extract as a preservative.  There’s nothing in it that will cause rebound congestion.  

Whether it’s congestion due to allergies or cold or flu, Xlear Nasal Spray can provide relief.  So forget about the side effects of other nasal sprays, and breathe Xlear today.  You can find Xlear Nasal Spray at local retailers or at our online shop.