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The Link Between Diabetes and Periodontitis – A Look at Two Studies

It’s Diabetes Awareness Month—are you able to give the best care for your patients?

It is well-known that periodontitis and diabetes are linked. When your diabetic patients poorly control their illness, gum disease and other oral problems will follow. In one study researchers concluded, “Patients with Type 2 Diabetes undoubtedly have a susceptibility for more severe periodontal disease.”

Transversely, if a patient has periodontitis, they are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. Fortunately, another study found “that routine oral health assessment and treatment of periodontitis could be important for effective management of type 2 diabetes.”

With your role in helping your patients have more overall health, what are you doing to treat them? Spry should be an important of any protocol you develop and prescribe. The Spry Dental Defense System allows for continued exposure to xylitol throughout the day to combat the problems of the modern diet and snacking.

Make sure you have the tools to provide the best care. Make sure you have Spry in your office.Want to read the studies? Click on the links