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The Link Between Improper Breathing and Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common, debilitating problems facing Americans. Researchers estimate that one out of seven Americans suffer from migraines and/or severe headaches. That statistic doesn’t include mild or moderate headaches that even more people experience. Though there are many reasons why headaches can occur, including from a cold or infection or even stress, there is one cause of headaches that can make them linger and disrupt a person’s day-to-day life. That cause is improper breathing.

Among various problems, improper breathing can cause two issues: 1) improper breathing can put strain on head and back muscles, and 2) improper breathing leads to sleep apnea. These two issues will directly cause headaches.

Breathing, Muscle Strain, and Headaches

When a person’s airway is blocked or malformed, he often will jut his chin and head forward in an attempt to open things up. This of course is the wrong way to breathe. Proper posture includes the ear lined up with the shoulder with shoulders, head and neck upright. The more the person thrusts his head forward, the more weight is placed on the neck and shoulder muscles, which in turn will create more strain and headaches.

Breathing, Sleep Apnea, and Headaches

Sleep Apnea is caused by a blockage or shrinkage of the airway, which disrupts breathing. Without a normal amount of oxygen getting to the brain, blood vessels enlarge, creating vascular headaches.

Better Breathing. Fewer Headaches.

If a person has breathing issues, most likely he or she will suffer from headaches. The good thing is a strong remedy exists to help people have open airways and be able to breathe better. In a 2016 conference, Dr. Nsouli shared his findings of research he performed with a xylitol-saline nasal spray and a saline nasal spray. The xylitol nasal spray increased a person’s peak airflow 35% more than saline alone. An open airway means breathing becomes easier, so there is less of a chance of muscle strain and sleeping issues.

Xlear Nasal Spray is a patented natural spray with xylitol, formulated to open the airways and increase overall wellness. So if you or those around you suffer from headaches, make sure to give Xlear a try.