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By August 29, 2020December 3rd, 2020No Comments
Xylitol Nasal Irrigation:
A Possible Alternative Strategy for the Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Nsouli, T. M.; Nsouli, S. T.; Diliberto, N. Z.; Davis, C. M.; Bellanti, J. A. ORAL ABSTRACT #46, Monday, November 9, 2015


In a 2015 presentation, Dr. Talal Nsouli of Georgetown University shared his findings of a study he conducted looking at the effects of irrigating the sinuses with a xylitol saline as compared to a normal saline. Chronic rhinosinusitis affects an estimated 14% of the U.S. population with a significant decrease in quality of life. Unfortunately, it is also a condition that is hard to treat.


Dr. Nsouli found that a xylitol saline reduced participants’ SNOT-20 score (a questionnaire which helps determine the severity of a person’s chronic rhinosinusitis) by 25%, demonstrating an increase in their quality of life. Additionally, the study showed that a saline with xylitol increased participants’ peak airflow by 36% when compared to saline alone. In fact, in both results, over time, saline alone worsened the participants’ condition and airflow.

Why is this important?

Inflammation in the sinuses is a leading cause of congestion. This study demonstrates that a combination of xylitol and saline reduces sinus tissue volume and opens up the airway, helping people to breathe better and easier.

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