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How did you hear about xylitol?

I had known a little bit about xylitol before, but we had a new hygienist join our practice who was very much a xylitol fan and she arranged for an educational presentation for our office.  Through that presentation we learned much more about how xylitol works to prevent decay and improve overall health.  The scientific evidence is out there. The more we learned and the more we read, the more we liked the idea of how xylitol could benefit to our patients.

How did you implement xylitol into your practice?

We decided to carry the toothpaste, mouth rinse, gums and mints in our office. We recommend Spry as part of a patient’s homecare regimen especially to those that are in a high risk category for decay. We have a fairly large senior population that experience dry mouth and need to stimulate the salivary flow and protect their teeth by adding xylitol.

Did you encounter any roadblocks implementing xylitol? 

Not many roadblocks to implementation at all, really. Even though very few people in the general population have heard of xylitol, most of them trust the recommendations from myself and the rest of the team. We keep the education simple, explain the benefits and how easy it is to use throughout their daily activities; such as keeping it handy in their car or to chew the gum when they are unable to brush after a meal.

Were your patients receptive to this approach?  

The majority of our patients were very receptive. We have many who prefer products without artificial ingredients and they appreciate the fact that Spry products are natural. They also like that they are affordable and readily available in the area. The way that we educate them using language they can easily understand, I feel results in better compliance than we found with other recommendations.

Have Spry products made a difference in how you practice?

I feel Spry products have made a difference in that we have something we can recommend that can be used in conjunction with fluoride, something that is easy for patients to use and benefits their oral health by reducing the incidence of decay. I like the low abrasivity of the toothpaste for my cosmetic cases as well as for my patients with exposed root surfaces to reduce damage. Everyone in the office uses the products and I think that makes everyone more comfortable in recommending Spry to our patients. We keep samples handy at the front desk for them to try!