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Halloween Is Fast Approaching. Are You Ready?

Halloween is fast approaching. Are you ready for the ghouls and goblins? I’m not talking about the haunting figures sneaking behind you. I’m talking about the destructive acid and sticky slime that forms in your mouth and nose during Halloween.

It’s no secret that Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. Americans spend more on Halloween than any other holiday, excluding Christmas. But with the excitement of dressing up and eating lots of yummies comes some not-so-fun consequences. If every American ate all the candy purchased during Halloween, we’d eat almost two pounds each. And we know that Grandma Fletcher isn’t going to eat her share. So how much are we really eating?

When sugar is introduced into the mouth, the bacteria immediately consume it. As the bacteria metabolize the sugar, they produce acid as a byproduct, which burns through enamel and causes tooth decay and cavities. More sugar in the mouth (remember those two pounds?) equals more acid and thus more tooth decay.

Additionally, trick-or-treating comes with some other scares. With temperatures dropping at the end of October, many children and adults are subjected to the cold. Though not directly correlated with giving sickness, studies show that cold weather is a better environment for germs to flourish in and infect people. So many of you and your children will come down with a cold because you walked around in a less-than-warm Buzz Lightyear or Disney princess costume. A night of fun can result in a whole bunch of thick, yellow mucus clogging up your nose.

What can you do to help your body during the Halloween season?

People are going to eat lots of candy during Halloween. It’s inevitable. However, Spry xylitol products help to suppress acid-producing bacteria. Studies show that xylitol improves oral health by inhibiting the formation of bacterial biofilm, which basically means bacteria can’t flourish in the mouth, and plaque won’t form. Xylitol tastes like sugar too. So if your kid wants something sweet but he’s had his share of treats, give him some SparX or Spry Gems. He’ll love how they taste and you’ll love that they’re good for his teeth.

To get rid of that mucus congestion, use Xlear Nasal Spray. Xlear cleanses and moisturizes the nose and sinuses, helping to get rid of all the yuckies stuck in there. It also reduces inflammation in the sinus tissues, one of the leading causes of congestion. Xlear will help you breathe better and get over that pesky cold faster.

Make this Halloween fun and spooky in the right way. Take care of your body with Spry and Xlear products.