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If You Give a Girl a Flower

If you give a girl a flower, she’ll want a vase to go with it.

When you give her the vase, she’ll see some wine glasses and want to have some bubbly.

She’ll grab a corkscrew and pop it open. The drink will spill all over the counter.

You’ll grab some paper towels from the cupboard to clean up. She’ll see the special crackers she bought to have with special cheese next to the paper towels.

She’ll make a nice plate of cheese and crackers.

After a few bites she’ll realize her breath stinks. She’ll grab her Spry Powermints.

Seeing “Spry” will remind her of the 5K race she has next weekend.

So she doesn’t forget them for her race, she’ll toss the Spry Powermints into her running bag.

Inside the bag she’ll see a couple water bottles. She’ll remember that she needs to water the plants on her bookshelf.

When she’s watering she’ll notice a bare spot on her bookshelf where she needs a decoration.

She’ll remember a cute decoration made out of an old vase. She’ll ask you to grab one.

And chances are, if you get her a vase…she’ll want a flower to go with it.