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Xlear Sinus Care

Different Nasal Irrigation Options to Help You Breathe Better

Taking an over the counter medicine like Benadryl or Mucinex isn’t the only way to help you breathe better.  Here at Xlear we know a few tips and tricks to help clear up your sinuses, allowing you to breathe better, naturally.
Nasal irrigation has been a healthy practice for thousands of years. In ancient India, yogic healers believed the flushing of the sinus and nasal cavities assisted in achieving enlightenment. Today, doctors recognize nasal irrigation as an excellent method of improving and maintaining upper respiratory health.
The two most common ways to clean out the sinuses are a nasal spray and a nasal wash, like a neti pot or rinse bottle. Nasal sprays are the simplest method when on the go. They’re easy to put in your pocket and access during the day. However, not all nasal sprays are the same. Many popular over the counter brands contain active ingredients, which can cause a rebound effect, making you more congested in the long run.
Nasal irrigation using a neti pot or positive pressure bottle cleans the sinuses more thoroughly. It works by introducing the solution into one nostril and allowing it to flow through the sinuses and out the other nostril. With a neti pot, the solution flows by the force of gravity, whereas with the rinse bottle, you control the solution output. Traditionally the solution used in a nasal irrigation is purely saline, which doesn’t give as much or as long-lasting relief as other options.
At Xlear we’ve taken these traditional treatments and formulated an industry-leading line of nasal irrigation products to help you breathe better. We’ve added xylitol to the saline to safely make the solution hypertonic, which allows the solution to naturally pull the extra moisture out of swollen nasal and sinus tissues. Xlear opens up the airway while also flushing out contaminants. Whether you require a fast-acting solution when you’re not at home, or a longer lasting flush to start your day, try our natural nasal irrigation solutions. You’ll breathe better and feel better!