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Crush Ragnar’s Infamous “Van Breath” – Spry Eliminates Bad Breath

In Spry’s time as a sponsor for the Ragnar Relay Race Series we’ve talked to hundreds of runners. In all our conversations there is a common subject that seems to crop up—the problem with “van breath.”

The technical term for “van breath”—or bad breath—is halitosis. (Although halitosis is technically considered chronic bad breath, many people still refer to halitosis as normal bad breath. Either way, it’s not good for you or your friend next to you.) Bad breath occurs when there is a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Think about your garbage can and how bad it smells; part of the reason there’s that rank odor is all the bacteria metabolizing compounds, which then release methane. The same kind of principle applies in your mouth. If there is a high amount of bacteria metabolizing sugars and carbs in your mouth, it’s bound to stink.

Why Athletes Can Struggle More with Bad Breath

Other than eating onions and garlic, there are some other reasons why people struggle with bad breath. Athletes usually struggle with this more because it comes with a dry mouth, a diet high in carbs and sugars, and when brushing and flossing isn’t always a part of the routine, as is common with a demanding schedule.

But don’t worry, if your buddy next to you is spewing some bad air in your face while you have a friendly chat, or if you’re afraid your first impression with that person you’ve got your eye on might be dimmed by a possible odorous effusion, just know Spry has your back.

Spry doesn’t just have toothpaste and mouthwash to help with bad breath—we know those things can be difficult to use when you’re on the move—Spry also has gum and mints. But these aren’t like other gums and mints on the market that just try to mask the odor with a sugary, minty flavor that won’t actually keep it away. To go with the great-tasting flavor, Spry products have xylitol, which is proven 1) to inhibit bacteria from sticking to your teeth, 2) breakup bacterial colonies in the mouth, and 3) moisturize the mouth—all things that will help get rid of bad breath.

So when you think you might be causing some nose-pinching or if your friend’s contribution to the conversation is an unwelcome aroma, use Spry.