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How did you hear about xylitol?

I first heard about it in a magazine several years ago at an Okemos, Michigan health food store. Dr. Gilmore was already on board out here in Oregon, so patient education was already natural and fluid in the practice.

How did you implement xylitol into your practice?

We are strong advocates of things that promote health at every opportunity. The Spry Patient Care Kits are invaluable when providing a jumpstart to our new patients. We stay fully stocked in all xylitol products making it convenient for all. We have patients sample xylitol products while they are chairside for the earliest xylitol experience.

Did you encounter any roadblocks to implementing xylitol into your practice?

No, it was easy. Dr. Gilmore is wholly preventative and encourages his patients to have every opportunity to affect their health in a positive way, even if it means he will have less dental work to do in the long-run. It is in the patient’s best interest to say as healthy as they can, and xylitol use is one of the ways that can help them do it.

Were your patients receptive to this approach?

Patients are overwhelmingly receptive and want to learn more about how they can better protect the precious teeth they have.

Have Spry products made a difference in how you practice?

We love making the mouth an inhospitable host to bacteria. We love changing the conditions from disease-friendly to unfriendly. Our patients appreciate the solid and continual education that they receive about their health and what they can do to improve and protect it.

Spry Spotlight

Dr. Richard Gilmore, DMD and Susan LaCasse, EFDA
Gilmore Dental, Redmond, OR