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Xlear Sinus Care

When Your Congestion Turns Into a Sinus Infection

Do I Have A Sinus Infection?

If you’re congested and you start feeling facial pain, you most likely have a sinus infection. A sinus infection, also known as sinusitis, is the swelling of the sinuses caused by a build-up of mucous in the drainage channels.

When your body is fighting illness or is irritated due to airborne irritants, the body’s natural response is to create excess mucus. The sinuses are unable to drain on their own, so when your congestion lingers and fills the sinuses, you are at risk for a sinus infection.

The physical symptoms of a sinus infection can be unbearable. Facial pain and pressure, upper toothaches, fever, cough, and thick yellow discharge are just a few of the possibilities when suffering from sinusitis. Because a sinus infection is the direct result of already lingering congestion, the duration of illness may seem never ending. Fortunately, there are natural treatments for a sinus infection that can provide the comfortable relief you need.

Performing a sinus rinse is the most effective method of cleansing the nasal and sinus passageways. Since ancient times people have been rinsing their sinuses with a simple saline solution to alleviate upper respiratory symptoms. However, a sinus rinse of saline alone can dry out the sinus and nasal passages causing further irritation. We’ve improved upon this trusted traditional method by formulating an industry leading saline sinus rinse with xylitol.

Combining saline and xylitol in a sinus rinse effectively flushes away lingering mucus while gently moisturizing irritated tissues. Proven to be beneficial for upper respiratory health, xylitol has an anti-adherent property, which makes it difficult for future irritants to stick around and worsen symptoms.

When you’re experiencing the symptoms of a sinus infection, use Xlear sinus rinse with xylitol and saline. It’s the naturally effective way to get the upper respiratory relief you need.