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Science Behind Xlear Products

Chronic Conditions

These studies examine the benefits of regularly using xylitol-based products, like Xlear, for the management of chronic sinus conditions.

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Xylitol Nasal Irrigation in the Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis – 2011

In this pilot study, researchers wanted to find out if irrigating the sinuses with a water-xylitol solution would improve symptoms of people suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis. They concluded, “Xylitol irrigations result in greater improvement of symptoms of chronic rhinosinusitis as compared to saline irrigation.”
Weissman, J. D., et al. (2011). Xylitol nasal irrigation in the management of chronic rhinosinusitis: a pilot study. The Laryngoscope, 121(11), 2468–2472.
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Airway Study – 2015

In a 2015 presentation, Dr. Nsouli shared his findings of a study which showed that a nasal spray with xylitol increased peak airflow 35% more than saline alone and measurably increased participants’ quality of life.

Nsouli, T. M.; et al., (2015) ORAL ABSTRACT #46.

Improved Nasal Volume Utilizing Hyperosmotic Saline Xylitol Mixture (Effective Alternative or Adjunct to Decongestants and Antihistamines) – 2019

In this article Drs. Olmos and Baba discuss their findings which showed that 3 minutes after spraying participants’ noses with a saline and xylitol spray, they experienced a  20% improvement in airway volume.
Olmos, S., Baba, J., (2019.). Improved Nasal Volume Utilizing Hyperosmotic Saline Xylitol Mixture (Effective Alternative or Adjunct to Decongestants and Antihistamines). EC Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine 8.5, 444-452.
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Using Xylitol for Rhinitis – 2019

In 2019, researchers wanted to see the effectiveness of a xylitol solution in helping with rhinitis brought on by overuse of nasal decongestants. They concluded, “xylitol solution is effective as mometasone [a common steroidal medication used to treat allergies and inflammation], usable and well-priced in the treatment of rhinitis medicamentosa.”

Cam, B., Sari, M., Midi, A., & Gergin, O. (2019). Xylitol treats nasal mucosa in rhinitis medicamentosa: an experimental rat model study. European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, 276(11), 3123–3130.

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User Experience with a Gentle Spray Nozzle – 2022

Researchers wanted to see if using a nozzle that sprayed a gentler mist for nasal sprays would improve the user experience and thus compliance. They found that a specific nozzle, the one used on Xlear Nasal Spray, provided an “unequivocally favorable experience.”

Basu, S., Khawaja, U., Rizvi, S., Sanchez-Gonzalez, M., & Ferrer, G. (2022). Evaluation of Patient Experience for a Computationally-Guided Intranasal Spray Protocol to Augment Therapeutic Penetration: Implications for Effective Treatments for COVID-19, Rhinitis, and Sinusitis. Medical Research Archives, 10(4).

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Medical Disclaimer per FTC Guidelines

While there may be information on the Xlear website relating to certain conditions, including COVID, cold, flu and similar condition, should a medical condition exist, promptly see your own physician or health provider. Xlear does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice. Xlear makes no claims that it can cure, treat or prevent any conditions, including any conditions referenced on its website or in print materials, including COVID, cold, flu and similar condition. The information, including any scientific or clinical research, is made available for educational purposes only. This information helps people make informed decisions about potential treatment options for the various conditions referenced in the information. Xlear therefore makes every effort to ensure that any information it shares complies with national and international standards for clinical trial information and is committed to the timely disclosure of the design and results of all interventional clinical studies for innovative treatments available or that may be made available. However, research is not considered conclusive. Always consult your healthcare provider with any questions.
If you take prescription medications for any of these conditions or other conditions, including sinus and related conditions such as congestion, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications as Xlear is not intended to replace or supplement any prescription medications.
Statements with regards to Xlear products are the opinions of the individuals making them and are not necessarily the same as those of Xlear Inc.

Xlear Inc. Statement on FTC Guidelines

Recently Xlear has removed a number of scientific studies and posted disclaimers on our website and social media. We have done this at the insistence of the Federal Trade Commission. We believe the FTC has no authority to stop us from giving you accurate scientific information. Moreover, the FTC lacks the scientific/medical expertise to evaluate such data. However, we are trying to work with the FTC to fix this.

We believe that you have a right to accurate and actionable scientific studies and data. We believe that accurate scientific data and studies are vital in helping individuals make smart and informed health decisions for themselves and their families.