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Xlear Sinus Care

The Benefits of Using a Xylitol Nasal Spray

Allergies, colds, the flu, and nasal congestion can be uncomfortable and hold you back from getting the most out of life. In order to alleviate symptoms, many people choose to use a nasal spray. When you’re looking for fast-acting relief, Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray is the most effective natural choice.

Xlear xylitol nasal spray stands alone in nasal and sinus care as it was formulated by a board certified physician with the user’s health and comfort in mind. Xylitol’s cleansing capabilities clear away built up mucus and irritants while moisturizing the nasal passages.

Most nasal sprays on the market contain synthetic ingredients that can actually make your symptoms worse over time. These synthetic ingredients dry out the nasal passages, leaving them irritated and exposed to exterior contaminants. Active synthetic ingredients such as oxymetazoline (Afrin, Zicam, 4way,etc) work as a vasoconstrictor (constricts blood flow to the nose) which is intended to allow for easier breathing in the short term; however, continual use can be damaging and do more harm than good over time. This common ingredient is also highly addictive and is not to be used for more than a few days. Unlike its synthetic counterparts, Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray is natural and safe for daily use, without any side effects or the risk of long-term damage.

Regular use of xylitol nasal spray can be very beneficial. When the bacteria and contaminants cling to the mucous membrane inside your nasal passages, you are at risk for infectious disease or illness. Since it works as a cleanser and humectant, coating your nasal passages regularly with xylitol reduces the ability for any invaders to get comfortable in your airways. Research has shown that those who regularly use saline nasal spray like Xlear are at a significantly lower risk for respiratory infections.

Xlear’s saline nasal spray with xylitol is also safe to use in tandem with cold, flu, or allergy medications. Naturally formulated with non-GMO ingredients, Xlear’s saline nasal spray with xylitol is the natural alternative for family respiratory care.

Find Xlear’s xylitol nasal spray at our online store or in health stores and pharmacies nationwide.