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5 Ways You Could Get Sick While Traveling and How to Stay Healthy

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It’s vacation season. You’ve dreamed. You’ve planned. You’re ready.

But are you really ready?

Scenario A – The Nightmare

You plan your dream vacation. You get on the airplane. The air is dry and judging by the load of used tissues in his carry-on, the person next to you doesn’t look like he’s feeling all that well. Your immune system is compromised. You don’t sleep well on the plane. You get to your destination only to find that your allergies for some reason go crazy. You fall ill.

Your vacation is not measuring up to what you hoped.

Scenario B – The Ever-Ready Traveler

You plan a dream vacation. You get on the airplane. The air is dry and judging by the load of tissues in his carry-on, the person next to you doesn’t look like he’s feeling all that well. But you’re not worried—you’re prepared. You try to sleep and luckily you get some good shuteye. You get to your destination and find that even though you felt a twinge of allergies coming on, you have what you need to keep your sinuses clean and healthy so you don’t get sick.

Your vacation is all you wanted and more.

We don’t want Scenario A to be your reality. Ready to be the Ever-Ready Traveler? Here are some reasons people get sick while traveling and the easy way to help you stay healthy.

Different environment

Many times when you travel you’ll encounter a new environment with different types of allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Your body probably won’t be accustomed to the new contaminants and you could get sick. To curb the potential illness, make sure to wash your nose and sinuses of the contaminants.

Fellow Travelers

When you travel you’re often in close proximity to people. If any one of them is sick, you have a greater chance of falling ill too. It is important, then, to make sure your natural defenses are supported so you can stay healthy.

Dry Air

The air on airplanes is very dry, which causes problems in your sinuses. Your nose depends on having some mucus to trap contaminants from entering into the body. The mucus only functions if it is hydrated. Dry air dries up that protective mucus layer, leaving you more susceptible to sickness. Make sure to keep your sinuses moisturized.

Swimming in Polluted Water

Oftentimes people venture to ocean-side getaways for a nice, relaxing adventure. However, the water isn’t clean and your body most likely isn’t acquainted with the contaminants in it. This could lead to some kind of sinus infection. It’s best to get the pollutants out of your nose and sinuses quickly after swimming.

Lack of Sleep

With air travel, all the festivities, and being in a new environment, you probably won’t be sleeping all that much. Though it is expected, the lack of sleep could compromise your immune system. The key then, is to make sure you get quality rest during the time you have to sleep, and that means making sure your airway is open so you can breathe better.

The best and most convenient way to open your airway for better sleep, and keep your sinuses clean and moisturized is using Xlear Nasal Spray. Xlear is natural and features a patented, unique solution so you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting into your body—just enjoy the amazing benefits of breathing better and feeling better so your vacation can be what you hope and more.

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