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5 Tips to Get Rid of “Van Breath” and Have a Healthy Smile

In Spry’s time as a sponsor for the Ragnar Relay Race Series we’ve talked to hundreds of runners. In all our conversations there is a common subject that seems to crop up—the problem with “van breath.”

The technical term for “van breath”—or bad breath—is halitosis. (Although halitosis is technically considered chronic bad breath, many people still refer to halitosis as normal bad breath. Either way, it’s not good for you or your friend next to you.) Bad breath occurs when there is a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. Think about your garbage can and how bad it smells; part of the reason there’s that rank odor is all the bacteria metabolizing compounds, which then release methane. The same kind of principle applies in your mouth. If there is a high amount of bacteria metabolizing sugars and carbs in your mouth, it’s bound to stink.

Good thing there are easy ways to get rid of van breath. Here are 5 tips that will help you.


1. Lay off the snacks and candy

We know that munching a bag of Doritos or eating a strip of jerky doesn’t do any favors for your breath, but neither do those Skittles and Starbursts. All of those salty and sugary snacks feed the catalyst for bad breath, the bacteria in your mouth, letting them flourish.

2. Keep your mouth hydrated

Bad breath abounds when your mouth is dry. Saliva is the natural cleanser for the mouth and will help get rid of food particulate and bacteria that cause the odors. But by drinking water, you can help wash that stuff out and get your salivary glands going again.

3. Consider getting a tongue scraper

If you notice that your breath is really bad, you can always invest in a tongue scraper. These are specifically designed to scrape off the stuff that causes the bad breath, which usually live on the back of your tongue.

4. Lay off the sports drinks and gels

Just like with snacks and candy, sports drinks and energy gels are high in carbs and sugar, which make the bacteria in your mouth very happy, while your buddy sitting next to you isn’t (because your breath is putrid). Instead of the sports drinks, drink milk—it will benefit your body just as much as a sports drink and it has calcium.

5. Use Spry Mints and Gum

Spry Mints and Spry Gum not only help your breath smell fresher with nice minty flavors, but they also help get rid of the stuff causing all that unwanted stench emanating from your mouth. Spry should be a part of your routine throughout the day so your teeth can be healthy. But if you do decide to have some sugary snacks or use a gel pack, chew on some Spry Gum right after. Your mouth will thank you for it.